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Founders' Fund


All our best ideas in one fund.

The Discovery Founders’ Fund is a concentrated portfolio of our best ideas. The objective is to deliver superior investment returns over the long term. The key to achieving this objective is the Discovery Process.


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Key Features


Manager Discovery Funds Management Limited
Fund Type Wholesale (unregistered) unit trust
Strategy Long only concentrated portfolio of companies listed on the ASX/NZX
Stock Holdings  Target 20 holdings
Stock limit  10% at cost
Cash holding Generally, no more than 20%
Applications Minimum $250,000 (unless otherwise agreed)
Benchmark S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index (NZD)
Management Fee 1.2% per annum (excluding GST) on the net asset value of the fund 
Performance Fee 20% (excluding GST) of the total return of the fund in excess of the Benchmark during a six month performance period and provided any underperformance has been recovered (high water mark)
Distributions The Fund does not intend to make regular distributions
Unit Pricing Daily in NZD
Withdrawals 10 Business Days
Auditor for the Fund PricewaterhouseCoopers
Lawyer Chapman Tripp
Trustee Public Trust
Custody, Registry and Fund Admin Adminis


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