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Frequently asked questions

How do I add to my existing Investment?

You can add to your existing investment at any time using your unique Investor Number.

The minimum additional investment amount is $50,000.

What does soft close mean for me?

The Discovery Founders’ Fund will close to new investors at NZD$300m. After this date, no new investors will be accepted into the Fund.

Existing investors can continue to add to their holding after it is soft closed.

Will there be distributions?

The Fund does not intend to make regular distributions.

What is the PIE regime?

The Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) regime is a regime for the taxation of PIE managed funds. The PIE's income is attributed to its investors, based on their shares of the PIE, and is taxed at each investor's Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR). The PIE regime creates tax advantages for some investors, mainly because the maximum PIR is 28%. The regime therefore provides tax benefits to investors who are on a 30%, 33% or 39% marginal tax rate and invest in a PIE.

What is a Portfolio Investment Entity?

A managed fund may register to be a Portfolio Investment Entity which means investment income within the managed fund is subject to different rules relating to tax. The Discovery Founders' Fund is a PIE. Among the PIE rules, capital gains on all New Zealand and some Australian shares incur no tax while other income is subject to tax calculated on the basis of each investor’s Prescribed Investment Rate (PIR).

What is the Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR)?

A PIR is the tax rate used to calculate tax on taxable income. Each investor, whether an individual, company, trustee, registered charity or superannuation fund, has a PIR which you must supply at the time of investment. In order to work out which rate applies to you please contact the IRD www.ird.govt.nz

Where can I access a copy of the Governing Document for the Fund?

A copy of the Governing Document for the Fund can be found here.