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Our mission: outstanding performance

Discovery is a performance driven boutique investment manager specialising in high calibre companies for sophisticated investors


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Why Discovery

 We established Discovery with one mission: outstanding investment performance.
We believe there's three foundations for success: focus, expertise and alignment.




We’re a high conviction, active manager who seeks outstanding performance through deep fundamental research and rigorous risk management, delivered in a limited capacity offering.

Targeting 20 of the best companies in Australasia.

Benchmark unaware.

Mosaic approach incorporating independent company sources, industry experts, feedback from customers and base rates derived from local and international competitors to generate unique insights.

Clear risk parameters with a disciplined framework designed to minimise drawdowns and protect capital.

$300m close to new investors.

Our Process


What you don’t invest in is just as important as what you do. We begin with an Exclusion List which aims to eliminate companies which lack financial strength. We then turn our attention to the upside. We’re looking for high calibre companies which are underappreciated with a catalyst.

Experience has taught us that high calibre companies share four Ps: Potential, Predictability, People and Profitability.

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Market leader with an industry tailwind offering a unique product or service.

Predictable growth evidenced by low customer churn and high levels of recurring or repeating revenue. 

We seek founder led businesses with high inside ownership, long management tenure and a track record of success. 


High returns on capital and an ability to reinvest that capital at similar rates.

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Our Team

As founders, we share a passion, competitive drive and entrepreneurial spirit that results in us relentlessly striving to improve.

Mark Devcich

“It’s the intellectual challenge of unpacking business models, trends and unit economics.”

Chris Bainbridge

“We’re passionate about discovering the opportunity that can become the next Australasian success story.”


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